Merry Christmas 2018, Secret Santa and Last Christmas at Verscend Technologies.

24th December 2018, I should actually be celebrating the Christmas Eve. But instead, I am hiding under my blanket, writing this blog and also preparing some other stuff. Belonging from a Hindu Society, Christmas is celebrated as a special occasion in Nepal. At my work today we played Secret Santa. Last Friday we did an anonymous name selection via lucky draw. Everybody got their names. Today and tomorrow we were supposed to keep the gift in their drawers or keep it on somebody else’s cubicle such that they can hand it over to the concern one.

I bought a gift for a colleague and also handed it. I got this gift “muffler scarf” from my secret Santa. First, when I opened the gift wrapper I thought it was definitely Samosa wrapped inside the box. Because that white colored box you see is used to pack sweets. 😆😆 But it was a nice and warm muffler. Thank You Secret Santa.

Tomorrow if our guesses about who the Secret Santa gets right, we will get chocolates. Yeah. And I’m confident that I will make a right guess. Because it’s a she, my Secret Santa. Let’s wait till tomorrow and I will share if my guess turns right.

Last year my senior colleague Major Ram 😜 made a trek to Mardi Base Camp. Christmas was on Monday so we utilized our leave and trailed to the Mardi. My bad that I could only make it to the High camp. But being able to walk with Ram together( actually 15-20 minutes back in the trail) was a good experience. Last year’s trek itself is a different story. More than the sad feelings of not being able to walk to the Base Camp, that trail was a walk of accomplishment. So walking up to 3900M Mardi High Camp was enough for me to rejoice. Someday I will share the accomplishment story on my blog.

Christmas celebration I participated last time was back in High School. Last Christmas celebration was at the hostel of White House High School, Khumaltar, Lalitpur. Our hostel Warden and Program Coordinator sir, Mr. Bimal Rai, and his wife would prepare the decoration materials, sound system, guitar, coffee, fire, cookies for us. Our seniors and friends would celebrate the eve and used to sing till 12:00 P.M. Then only we used to go to sleep. This is something to remember about High School Days. After that time, I don’t remember celebrating Christmas.

It’s my Last Christmas at Verscend Technologies. It is also the last Christmas for Verscend itself 😁 Our company’s name is now Cotiviti and soon after the legal process, Verscend Technologies will be recognized as Cotiviti. Also I will be quitting my job in a few weeks. So it’s our last Christmas celebration together 🙂

Lastly Merry Christmas 2018 to all of my festive enthusiast friends, seniors, colleagues, teachers, everyone. And there is nothing to be happy about, one more year is about to end. I wish you spent it well, taking full advantage of your time in achieving all your dreams that you have dreamed of.

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