My blog is ongoing and I will be writing about every possible thing I can think about. It has become kind of a mess. The main page looks like a dirty Nepali Online news portal. :/ Having said that the blog is becoming a mess, there are a number of useful contents too. To make my blog little organized such that viewers can find some useful resources in a single page, here I bring you this page. If I’ll write a series of blogs on a technical topic, you will find it here. Any presentations I’ve given, any class lecture slides, any project ideas or tips about what technologies to use for doing a project. In short Resources, I will be sharing the links of resources such as Class Syllabus & Presentations, Training/Workshop Materials, Projects Ideas/links, Tools for Software Development, Webinars, Trekking Itineraries & Tips.


  1. BSc. CSIT (TU) Course Contents
  2. Emerging Technology (KU) Course Contents
  3. Book Reviews
  4. Travel Stories/Itineraries/Experiences
  5. Video Contents(You reached this far to my resource section. Could you also subscribe to my YouTube Channel?)