“ल आफ्नै भान्जा पो भेटिए”, Meeting Your Fav During a Solo Travel to Namche.

It’s one of my awesome memories back from March, 2016. In one of my previous blog I wrote about how I got surprise at Tilicho. Life is full of Surprises. Surprises at Tilicho Base Camp. It was a surprise encounter with one of my Instagram follower with whom I had only talked via direct messages. But back in 2016, I was surprised and excited to see someone from family. Yes this blog is about the short meeting with my Mama Sri “Ram Raja Dahal” somewhere in Monjo, Namche. The story is short as interesting. It will definitely be a good read to the readers.

HeNN E-Library Project & Solukhumbu Visit

My friend Ramesh Tiwari and I went for a Educational Project at a school in Solukhumbu District from Help Nepal Network E-Library Project. We completed our monitoring, got the application and went to Saller via Jeep. We started our trekking from Phaplu. Back in 2016 we needed to walk from there only. But now the off road is prepared till Nunthala. That saves atleast a day and half of trekking.

My only goal for going to this E-Library Project was to see “The Almighty Everest” from my naked eyes. There was this calling, passion for seeing Everest.

Trekking to Lukla

From Phaplu we started our trek and we reached Lukla on third day of our trek. Ramesh was catching a steady pace throughout the trek even though he had his ligament issues recently. We didn’t imagine that it would be a three day’s trek before. But after we started there was no going back. Looking at the way Tiwari walked, I got even motivated and walked with ease. Such a heavenly experience we two brothers had in those three days.

After reaching to Lukla we spent a night there at a Hotel. Tiwari’s leg was paining so hard and it was impossible for him to walk ahead to Namche. So next day he took the flight back to Kathmandu via world’s riskiest airport “Tenzing-Hillary Airport”. It would have been much awesome memory if we together made it to Namche. But reality can’t be challenged. I still miss this part Gunneru.
Then after I went solo to Namche Bazar for a single purpose that is to see Mt. Everest. And now begins my Journey

Solo Trek Towards Namche

I walked early in the morning at around 6:00 AM. From Lukla to Namche the trekking is really short. I started walking at six and reached Namche at around 3:00 PM. And I was walking solo in my own steady pace taking pictures. Normally foreign trekkers make a two days camp to reach Namche from Lukla.  After reaching to Namche, I settled my bag in a Hotel and walked straight upwards on top o see Mount Everest, which was clear. Everest, Lhotse, Lubse and the Mother’s Pearl (“Mount Ama Dablam”) all four were infront of my eyes. I got blessed, I spent almost an hour lying on the ground watching the mountain. That feeling is precious.

Finally Real Vanja Meets his Real Mama.

Next morning I was walking back to Lukla. Sadly I was not prepared to march ahead towards the base camp. I was there carrying my college bag 🙂 and we didn’t plan to trek in the first hand. So Namche it was for that time. Will be seeing you soon baby.

So this picture below is taken at Monjo Village. Those who have been to Namche can remember the exact place. I crossed this village and there was a suspension bridge to cross. From far I notices a bunch of people carrying baskets, reflectors, box of different objects for shooting a film. I also saw some foreigners in the spot, so assumed some foreign project was ongoing. I didn’t show any concern, neither asked anybody what thr project was about. Instead walked ahead.


In front there was a small village and some shops. There were some kids humming around two people. First I didn’t notice their face, but I hear this word “vanja” being called by a man to other. “Vanja, solti, samdi” such words are nowadays spoken to address friends eventhough they are words to be used by a family member to another one who is related. Vanja is isster’s son.

Suddenly our face gazed at each other and my Mama spoke “तिम्लाई भान्जा भान्जा भन्दा, ल आफ्नै भान्जा पो भेटिए”  My mama was speaking to this other guy from his crew saying Vanja. But then out of nowhere he finds me and says ” Oh, I was calling you Vanja, Vanja, but now my own Vanja is here”. I was walking back with all my energy and enthusiasm back to Lukla. This happiness of being able to see The Almighty Everest was still on, and meeting him added more excitement. We hugged each other after a long time.

Maybe we hadn’t meet each other after last Shivratri of that year. But he is my hero since my childhood. He is my inspiration when it comes to playing Volleyball. His spikes are so powerful and quick that even today I find it challenging to receive. An athlete with a dashing personality!

The shooting crew I saw near the bridge, he was a part of it leading the whole team from Nepal. He is a movie producer by profession and also provides all necessary gadgets for a movie. His current Project is “Movie Bulbul”. He asked me to stay there if I wanted to. But I had to return back home and attend the University Classes. So I returned. Damn, we didn’t even clicked a picture. 🙂 But there is one in our memory, which is more than enough 🙂

Reaching to Lukla, I got stuck there only for two more days due to bad weather. There is a sweet memory at the hotel we stayed there. There was a monk maybe class 6 back then and there was this girl Pemba. She was this charming lovebird, class eight(back then). Energetic, always smiling and speaking about her school, her papa and many thing. Maybe I will write about her too tomorrow.

Feels awesome to write about those years long happy memory via my daily blog. Eighty One Days So Far. Oh Yeah!