6 Years of Letting Twitter play with my mood swings for free! ;)

there are two largely divided groups at twitter. One, where everybody showers constructive and productive criticism about any random topics that one loves. Another, there is this group of entertaining, sarcastic users, who express their feelings in terms of poems, satire or comedy. In the first group you will feel awkward to fit in in the beginning, because you got to have that level of knowledge in the subject you are speaking. Mind it, if you throw some random shit in any topic than this first group will rip your balls out, and you won’t even realize it. Yes there are such group of Nepali twitter users whom I follow and get to read awesome tweets.

“I am a reflection of what I do.” – Jobs

it’s not yet time to evaluate reflections. My life has still not taken a firm shape which could create a mirror of ambition and then reflect it’s result. I am a small tube of silicon ready to be heated in the furnace to create a strong mirror which won’t break in future. Such that it could reflect every action and their outcomes without any hindrance of obstacle from my heart & mind.But this one liner, I will never forget it.

Recalling Badimalika Trekking and some Argh! Memories

Now that I have made it to Panchpokhari, Tilicho and Thorang La Pass, stepped my foot above 5416M high, I will still say that “The Trails of Badimalika and the difficulty to reach on top is the toughest experience I have ever faced.” Don’t know how many years would it still take for Badimalika to be known as a mainstream religious trekking spot! But those who have been to this beauty, are blessed to experience one of the most adventurous religious tourist destination of Nepal.

What is This “Pro” Tag in Github?

Github now shows this PRO Badge to those users who are either using the paid planning or are enrolled in the education program. Since I’m a student member of Github associated with my ku.edu.np email, I am also seeing this tag.

But this “Pro” Tag is irrelevant to me. As I’m not a regular contributor and maintain my codes only a few times. There is also the option to hide it. Clicking the edit button, I can select or un-select the Tag displaying option.

Retrospective January 2019. Many things went well this month :)

Learning, Sharing and Experiences goes hand on hand till the very end of your life. While people are running behind success, they fail to live their life. If we will learn to enjoy from our small successes and learn to not repeat the same mistakes again, then only we can expect big thing in life. If we will keep track of small things that we are doing to achieve our big goal, we will be aware about their uncertainties. If things cannot be taken the way we want to, then we will know it a long time ago, such that we will always be in a safe zone.