If Only I Could Wipe Out Memories!

How often you use this “Mark As Unread” Option during in your emails & chat applications like Messenger, Viber, Instagram? I do it quite often in order to catch the conversation later. Sometimes you see your inbox receives a message which needs to be answered taking some time. The time is already midnight and you don’t feel like opening your eyes, so answering a message is not something you want to do.

This feature something out of the box. After even you read all message, you can pretend like you haven’t looked at it. Likewise I want a feature or power, whatever it is! I want to Wipe Out Memories. I will soon explain why but before that what would you do if you get this power to wipe out memories of yours and anybody else in whole world? First thought would be to wipe out memory of your own, those times you felt bad, moments when you were bullied in your school,community. You would wipe out those memories when you failed attempting in different parts of your life. You would wipe out the memories of lose. Loosing your friends, family and loved ones. Won’t you do all of it?

I won’t!

Because I am not weak and afraid of bearing pain, regrets, sufferings, and heartbreaks! Failures, loss, sufferings whichever things I have had till this age are so much important to me. It is all those failures, rejections, sorrows, misunderstandings which have taught me to understand that life has its crest as well as the trough. The path is not always nice and easy and not every station of your journeys serve you smile, satisfaction and prosperity.

Still I want that magical power of wiping out memories. Not my memories but of people who make perception about me my lifestyle, my decisions and my failures. This makes me feel so fucking irritating. Not that I can handle it or get over it. It takes max one day to get over all frustrations, sorrows or low feelings. Like Yesterday I was so pissed off. Today I am so calm and composed. At least I am writing today since last 22 days, which is something commendable for me.

Those people who make perceptions about me and also other people instead of minding their own business, I want to wipe their memories. I want to wipe their memories from its  root such that they could never ever bother on anybody’s life. That’s why I want this super power. Because convincing such assholes telling, what they are thinking or making perceptions about me is wrong. They shouldn’t bother what I am doing. Do suggest me but please don’t interfere my private space. This never leads to a conclusion.

So if I will ever get that super power, I will fuck your brain with that magical wand and wipe our all of your negativity. If anything wrong happens while pulling off those memories, you might go mad or may not remember anything at all. The after effect can be fucking bizarre. So let me live 😜

I want to wipe out memories of all those kind and loved ones who always expected my good words and company. I have always been an ass in maintaining the friendship. The spike of communication gradually decreases with an increase in distance and I don’t know what engulfs me deep in my erratic mind. Yesterday I was pissed off, today my friend called me like a dozen times, texted me but I became an ass as usual. So I want to wipe her memories and make her feel that it never happened 🙂 Because I don’t want my friends, families and loved ones to receive bad vibes from me. Still Shit happens!

One last thought that just popped up in my mind which I want to wipe out if I could. That is the pain my mother had to bear while giving birth to me, that pain in introducing me in this universe. A mother goes through a near-death experience, feels severe pain in giving birth to her baby. That is so worse just to think about and it’s something I want to wipe out!

PS: 24th article as a part of my Daily Writing Commitment. I am happy for this thing that I am doing. I want to express how I feel about it. But lets wait till Day 50. Please find my articles on my site: sigdelsanjog.com.np. Also, provide your valuable feedback such that I can feel motivated and also improve myself at the same time.

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